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...at braille audio, the helm is manned by bLiNd. He is a prolific producer with over 25 years of experience in music production.

...I have over 25 years of experience in electronic music production, composition, sound design, mixing and mastering;

…Hi!  My name is Jordan aka bLiNd.  I have been producing since 1998, nearly at the birth of the music software scene.  I started by using Goldwave and Hammerhead Rhythm station and used them to make beat remixes of NES chiptunes.  Later I would go on to use Reason and remix videogame music into dance music.   The tracks were released on a website called OCReMix.   The community the site created opened doors for me as a composer and producer and I went on to compose a handful of videogame soundtracks. Later I got hired by ADSR sounds to make a dozen sample packs over a few year span.  I also produced sample packs for Audentity, BPM Create, GHST PRJKT, and others.   My portfolio also includes work on 4 Kontakt libraries for Impact Soundworks.  Eventually I realized I should be making sample packs for my own brand so braille audio is born!   Sub labels include Synth Owl, for hardware and software synth presets; bL3Nd, for hybrid genre sample packs; braille audio itself for bespoke and high quality sample packs and presets for modern synths; and ADiOSKCH, construction kit sample packs.  I hope my work can help you in your music endeavors!



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