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Leifo has been producing for twenty years and has known bLiNd for half of that time.  They met through remixing video game music and have been producing on and off ever since.  Leifo has a few strong points as a producer that are very noteworthy, one being songwriting and riff making.  If the sample pack has a braille audio label, he produced it’s melodies and chords.  Leifo has excellent guitar skills as well.  He is half of the braille audio team and sound.

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Braille Audio Mission Statement

Our mission is to help aspiring producers, sound designers, composers, and musicians reach their musical goals thru joining our community. Our products, services, and tutorials are a result of over 40 combined years of music production experience and we intend to share what we learned in any way we can because it will expand and open the minds of every producer who wants to grow.


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